Super Chexx Repair Log

I was a very avid ICE Super Chexx player back in the day so of course Tranquility Base Arcade had to have one. The game I own is a "first generation" Super Chexx (1987 - 1988) which replaced the original Chexx (blue or red base) of USA vs Russia and equipped with MOOG electronics. My game features USA vs Canada, stacked KIXX Soccer PCB, split corners with rubber corner guards, flashing goal lights, old style graphics, etc. Most people are familiar with the games from late 1988 and newer which are considered "second generation" Super Chexx. These games feature formed corners, credit meter in the center scoreboard, updated electronics, no goal lights, and many of the newer features that were added over the years.

At some point in the past, this particular game was updated with new style goals and the integrated flashing light stands were tossed. My research shows the original goals were hand modified at ICE to include the light stands. The KIXX schematic is marked "Preliminary For Prototype Run Only." The light stands proved very cumbersome for bulb replacement in the field and unreliable to keep working. All the games I played back in the day with flashing goals lights NEVER worked! Interesting enough I found the original harness right up through the connectors still tucked down in the bottom of the game under each goal.

After a long search I was finally able to find some original goal light stands but as you can imagine the nets were destroyed. The task to bring this feature back to life begins!

The first step was to rebuild the actual goal light itself. I was still able to purchase T1.25 14 volt bulbs online and then solder one into each light stand.

With tested and working light stands it was time to focus on modifying the net assemblies. The old style net assemblies are no longer sold by ICE, however, if you search hard enough you can still find them in the second hand market. The modifications included drilling a hole through the back of the net as well as an additional inline hole cut through the puck chute. My solution to do this was to mount the net in my upright mill and cut both holes with a single stroke.

The hole in the net turned out pretty good and just needed a little bit of clean up to make it perfect.

The hole in the puck chute was left partially removed during the drilling operation and the rest was trimmed by hand with a very sharp hobby knife.

The key to this entire project was the accuracy of carefully drilling both holes inline so the light stand sits vertical and does not look crooked. The original Super Chexx net holes were very roughly done by ICE at the factory so don't be too quick to think it was an "in field hack" to add flashing goal lights to the game.
With some special hot glue melt specifically for polyethlyne the light stand was secured to each net assembly at the puck chute.

The finished set of nets turned out great!
My research indicates approximately 370 sequential serial numbers had flashing goal lights. If you have a Super Chexx game with flashing goal lights or the original harness where they once were please contact me with your serial number.